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Egypt's export of fruits and vegetables to the world market increased by 4.8 million tons

Release Date:2022-11-30Views:3

According to the report of egypttoday, on October 22, the Central Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture of Egypt released a report that since the beginning of the new export season of fruits and vegetables, Egypt's exports of fruits and vegetables have increased to 4 million tons and 800000 tons respectively.

Ahmed al Attar, Director of the Central Department of Agricultural Quarantine of the Ministry of Agriculture of Egypt, stressed that these Egyptian agricultural products exported to the EU meet international quality standards, so there are no barriers to export to countries.

Egyptian crops have successfully opened up new foreign markets, especially in China, the European Union and East Asian countries. Abdel Moneim el Banna, former minister of the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, said that some countries lifted the ban on the export of Egyptian agricultural products, which confirmed Egypt's safe export procedures and high crop quality.

In addition, during 2016-2017, Egypt exported 446 million dollars of citrus fruits. During 2017-2018, this figure increased to 502 million US dollars.

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